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Heavenly Ingredients

Let your guests indulge in these mouthwatering, bite-sized confections. Using our own secret recipe that’s full of flavor, our donuts are made fresh and served hot for a taste-tantalizing experience. The batter is cooked in 100% cholesterol-free oil and the donuts come beautifully layered with delicious toppings: Add powdered sugar, cinnamon, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, berry, Nutella, Oreo, and more to your mini delights – just don’t forget the sprinkles!

Fun Entertainment

Your guests will go nuts for our donuts! Hypnotized by the process, they can watch our secret recipe transform into light and fluffy donuts in a matter of seconds. After they have cooked, it’s time to get creative –with plenty of exciting ingredients to choose from, your guests can mix and match to construct the ultimate indulgent treat! Without a doubt, our infamous mini donut concession stand will become the talking point of your event.

What We Do

The Novel Donut specializes in bringing a fun and delicious addition to any event and for any occasion! Who doesn’t love hot, fresh mini donuts made right before your eyes with all your favorite toppings like cinnamon sugar, vanilla frosting with sprinkles, double chocolate, powdered, maple and glazed, just to name a few!

Your guests will be entertained as they watch the donuts being made and won’t be able to wait so they can choose their toppings at the end. The Novel Donut is a great addition to any party and will surely be a hit!

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