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Gourmet mini donuts served hot and fresh at any event

Bringing the Delicious Fun to You!

the novel donut

Welcome to the Novel Donut!

We provide mouthwatering, bite-sized, delectable donuts that are sure to please a crowd. Using our own secret recipe that’s full of flavor, our mini donuts are made fresh in front of your guests and served hot for a taste-tantalizing experience.


The Best Mini Donuts in California

Premium Service

We Let the sweet-smelling aroma of fresh donuts fill the air. Our commercial-grade equipment and catering service comes with 2 bakers, your choice of either our stylishly sleek black cart set-up, or our romantic and modern white cart set, and enough donuts to serve all your guests. We cater a whole host of events with 100
guests or more: From birthday parties and graduations to weddings and corporate events, we’re here to satisfy your guests’ sweet cravings.

Yummy Event Entertainment

Your guests will go nuts for our donuts! Hypnotized by the process, they can watch us fry up light and fluffy donuts in a matter of seconds. With a dash of sugar, a sprinkle of creativity, and a whole lot of doughy goodness, we provide the recipe for your next great event. Without a doubt, our mini donut cart will become the
ultimate highlight of your party!

the novel donut

Let us bring the Delicious fun to you!

The Novel Donut is perfect for any occasion! We bring the delicious fun of hot, fresh mini donuts made right in front of you and your guests!

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Perfect for any oCCASion!

The Novel Donut – Gourmet Mini Donut Catering for Any Size Event or Party.

Our mini donut wagon is the perfect companion for any occasion bringing entertainment, delicious hot and fresh mini donuts and fun for everyone. Everyone loves watching the mini donuts being made right in front of their eyes and the smell of of the delicious aroma filling the air.

The Novel Donut mini donuts are a welcome addition to wedding receptions, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, holiday parties, corporate events & more.